Actually, it began in my childhood the particular interest about hunting and dogs, my Father is a hunter and owner of a hunting shop. I remember, when he brought home to me the deer legs and I arranged them in our garage. I also remember, I have some nice memories when we went together hunting to Mecsek Hills on a big high stand, exactly the route is in my head, I remember wild boar`s digging, the feeding and salt place, the big snow, the taste of hot tea and sandwiches what he did to me. There were special with Hungarian salami and roasted meat with paprika. Of course, as we climbed on the high stand and I ate my sandwich and chocolate after I always fell asleep. For the common huntings belonged to the love of dogs. There was later a Welsh Terrier-Don, who confidently and passionately chased the wild boars, never injured or lost in the forest, clever dog he was. Ancient heritage is what one man inherits and the other one not. I have luck, because I inherited it through my Father, this ancient passion. Many times I accompanied my Father to hunt or just feed, care for wilds over the years. We built few high stands together. Each moment has its own beauty. I always learned something. I have learned to respect and love the forest, the wilds. I learned discipline, appreciate the beauty, to see the good. For me hunting is life-long passion, learning, tasks solving.

In our garage: