Time flies. Today, my first wirehaired dachshund is 7 years old. His name is Marosmenti-Rudifogó Mazsola. Thanks for the breeders. Also, this is the date of Bassotto di Corleone Kennel establishment and much more things. Rather 7 years old of a passion, friendship, love, tracking, working and hunting together. Since the beginning I am writing down the info about the litters, my dogs, their trackings on wounded big game, bigger show and working competition results too. Sometimes it’s hard to believe or looking back that how much we practiced, worked together until now. Just remembering back how many tracks I did by scent shoes or pulled to them, hundreds, and a lot. But the amazing thing is that I can see my dogs that they are happy. Happy we’re together, always working (and as we know that the tired dog is the best dog) together for a common aim. But for me it’s not about the titles, papers, certificates what we can reach if we are working hard. It’s about joy, happiness of my dogs and of course the ancient passion – hunting too. Hunting what I inherited from my Father. On the other hand, thinking who learnt whom. I taught my dogs or my dogs me. Both are true I think. Dogs taught me the biggest thing, which is humility or enjoying much more the moments what we are spending together. (Or discipline, appreciate the beauty, to see the good) For me is always a learning period like hunting a life-long passion, learning, task solving. Dachshunds have big hearts – lion hearts and toughness on hunting. Perhaps, that’s why I decided beside this wonderful breed 7 years before.